Roll up doors

Roll-up doors

This kind of door high quality, safe and durable corrugated sheet roll-up doors. These doors are most suitable for residential houses and are widely used in Qatar and other parts of the Gulf. This lightweight, continuous sheet roll-up doors are formed from hot-dipped galvanized steel, then finish with two coats of polyester enamel for beauty and durability. Installation to masonry, steel or wood jambs is quick, simple (no special preparation), no overhead track. The doors are motor operated with remote control and also available in manual mode (push up or chain hoist). With modification in design, the doors are also used for commercial purposes like warehouses shop fronts, etc. The best materials are used, the highest standards of quality are maintained, and through continuous development and research, we have engineered our rolling shutter doors to a higher level of specification and standards. We provide a complete installation serviced anywhere in the Qatar with an experienced team of engineers and technicians, as well as full-sales contract maintenance service, ensuring that the doors are kept in the best working condition.