Automatic sliding glass door systems

Automatic door models produced by Fenestra is to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of technical features. Many different varieties of technical characteristics depending on use and may be preferred.
Automatic sliding glass door systems

Automatic door Istanbul

With photocell automatic door models is sensitive to heat and movement and self-opening and closing feature. Provides security and convenience. Thanks to this feature, a crowded public space and can be used in areas with content without the need for any intervention. At the same time, the sensing system is working normally the contacts

Pedestrian is quite useful for applications. For an existing company there are many great benefits that can benefit from using an automated system. Fastest-one of the benefits is has seen a sales increase. Believe it or not, the automated system provides a more upscale image and instantly increase the attractiveness of a place due to the effects of the display case is felt greatly. Naturally, this subtle but allows you to give customers a clear message that they are special. As a result, when you provide the convenience of customers, more opportunities will also be provided happy shopping, customers happy, and they'll be more willing to spend money.

In industrial applications, in terms of the importance and benefits of using an automated system are great. First in terms of security is important. Automatic door systems not only of your employees but also reduces traffic congestion from above, opening doors, lifting or moving heavy objects lets you benefit during the process. Thus, you will increase the comfort of the employees. In most circumstances, leaving the doors wide open by a large industrial trucks and heavy machinery makes it possible to enter and leave the building. Unfortunately, leaving the door open continuously, the building gives the discomfort. This is seen especially in winter and during the hot summer months. In this case, the photocell with your convenience as well as continuously using automated systems at the entry of foreigners coming from the open door and also you will be prevented.
Individuals with disabilities at the entrance and exit to the sights of the same system is activated. Automatic detection systems are activated during the installation process. In certain cases, the system can be disabled.
Has a modern infrastructure that has reduced to a minimum level of contact. Serve in the medical field that fulfills the criteria for hygiene and health is required in public buildings.