Swing Gate

Swing Gate Operator  is automated gate motor with leaf length up to 5 meters.   400 kg weight or 2,5 m and 600 kg or 3 m and 400 kg. It can be installed on single leaf gates or double leaf gates. Thanks to small dimensions of gear motor , Machine is especially suitable for mounting on narrow post, where the distance between the hinge and inner boundary (D-level) is max. 6 cm. There is a possibility to archive a larger opening angle in which the D-level is less than 5cm.

Patented technology 24V increases safety by enabling variable speed motion during opening and closing. This technology also has the function of detecting obstacles that will eliminate accidental crash. The time required for the gate opener to open the gate to angle 90° is 19 seconds. Micro-switch that controls stopping of the gate movement allows a easy regulation of position in which the door has to stop.